Sunday, October 31, 2010


As we are on clay it can get very boggy so we like to bring the horses in during the really wet weather and use the arena for turnout. This has been less than ideal but we now have it sorted - forever. It has taken us around 18 months to secure a further 3 acres that we will use for winter turn out only. The land is right at the rear of our stable block so that means we can get the horses in and out quite quickly without having to walk larger distances. The land has had cows on it and more recently sheep. Our intention is to keep it for the horses. We'll be planting hedgerows around the boundaries but there is excellent stock fencing down one side and oak post and rail down the other. we spent a day clearing an entrance way, putting a pipe in the ditch and building an access. There was a natural gap in a hedgerow flanked by 2 trees and it has made an interesting arched entrance way. Late next spring we will clear the field and do some ground work ready for the following winter. The pictures show the newly created access and the field. There is a very large oak in the field. You maybe able to pick it out in the picture.

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