Sunday, October 31, 2010

Arena gets resurfaced

The arena has been in place for 4 years at Stone Circle Livery. The maintenance to date has involved fixing the odd broken rail and kick-board. Heavier use has meant that the perimeter areas needed to be topped up as the sand and rubber chips get thrown out of the arena where the horses hooves are most active. There are no quick fixes so a proper job involves taking back all of the existing surface and relaying it once additional silica sand has been added. A full resurface like this costs around £5,000 so as a guide an arena needs £100 of maintenance a month or £25 a week. Good to know if you are planning to run a livery yard. Pictures show the surface being bunched together in the middle awaiting to be pushed back over the new sand. Also you can see the size of the lorry the chips arrive on so good access is very important.

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