Sunday, June 13, 2010


Back in 2008 horses were put on the pasture when it was very wet. With it being clay soil it got trashed in a matter of days. We have spent the last 2 years trying to fix it.

The pictures show how the field was - you can see a lot of creeping buttercup. We created a seed bed using a scarifier. You'll notice that the scarifier not only produces a seed bed but it uproots the creeping buttercup. That's the big pile of green stuff you can see in some of the pictures. In addition there is a pic of the topper on the back too. Firstly we scarified to get the buttercup out. Then we used the topper to mow it back. We then scarified again to start producing the seed bed. We went over the ground a few times and you can see a close up of the seed bed the scarifier produces. Then we seeded using a broadcast spreader, organic grass seed with a herb mix.

This was then rolled in. Some people don't like rolling in but this field is on a slope, we are due rain and once rolled the excess water will drain downhill without taking the seed with it. Well that's the plan. We have tried just about everything else so let's see how this goes????

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