Thursday, April 8, 2010

Born in a barn

2010 is going to be a busy year at Stone Circle Livery. We have decided to crack on with one of our barn builds and the diggers are in. This new barn will be multi-purpose. It will house our organic hay and feed, double up as a lambing shed when we need it and store our tractors and machinery. We went through the usual planning hell and interrogation and as always they wanted different materials that add to the cost substantially – but hey, that’s planners for you.
All being well we should have it finished in time to store this years hay. We’ll keep you informed of progress here on the blog. The pictures show the ground works. You can see the old storage shed left like an island. We are goung to build around it then demolish it at the last moment. Also a picture of the stone circle on the hill in the early morning sunshine. Spring is here. Fingers crossed,

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