Monday, January 21, 2008


One of our liveries at the yard is a huge fan of Lewis Blackburn and introduced us all to him - Thanks Jennifer!

Lewis is a ‘Natural Horse Trainer’ of vast experience who travels to you. What this man can do for you and your horse in even a single hour is astonishing. Needless to say, everyone on the yard is now taking advice and instruction from
Lewis after seeing the results he gets first hand. His website is full of fantastic advice in the ‘Published articles’ section.

The pictures you see here are of Lewis working with Bollinger in the rubber surfaced 20 X 60 arena at Stone Circle Livery. What follows below is an overview of how Lewis describes himself and what he does. Check out his website. If you live in Kent, you can travel your horse and want a lesson from Lewis you can contact Stone Circle Livery on or 01233 860 870 and we may be able to fit you in on one of the days Lewis is with us. Basically we all share his traveling costs and the school or round pen hire at Stone Circle Livery is £10 per hour.

You can contact Lewis on
Telephone: 01799-543711
Mobile: 0771 831 7654.

Here is what Lewis says

“Over the years I gained an understanding of horses and apply what I have learned and experienced in remedial training, problem solving and improving confidence / communication between horses and riders.

I consider myself fortunate to have a feel, empathy for horses. I see every horse as an individual character with its own quirky habits, likes and dislikes. I try to stay kind and even handed with every horse I encounter (even when explosions occur). I do not condone nor will I ever beat or reprimand a horse with anger or excess force. My work is not directed solely for English or Western riding styles as it is suited to improve any style / discipline and to improve overall communications.

My intentions are to deal, in a friendly, firm and natural way, with all breeds of horses with their worries/problems, also in helping riders/owners to better communicate to their horses what they have already learned (or are in the process of learning). I feel that it is essential to try and deal with horses in a firm, relaxed fashion by working more with the horse instead of against him.”

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